The Greater Elkhart County Stormwater Partnership Rule 13 Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SWQMP):

Construction Documents:

Self-Inspection Report Form – this form should be used for regular site inspections, to occur weekly and after every half-inch rain event. Spaces are available to fill in the required information based on the site conditions and BMPs for each particular site.


  • Rule 5 (327 IAC 15-5) – is the state law aimed at preventing stormwater pollution at construction sites. The rule is intended to protect Indiana’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands from sediment and other pollutants that could run off of construction sites during rain events.
  • SWPPP Checklist – lists all requirements for the SWPPP, all these items must be adequately addressed for plan approval.
  • SWPPP Guidance Document – a detailed explanation of each item in the checklist.
  • Stormwater Clearance Application – must be submitted to the SWCD along with the filing fee and SWPPP.
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) – is submitted to IDEM after the SWPPP has been approved by the SWCD.  It should be accompanied by a copy of the plan approval; the $100 IDEM filing fee; and proof of publication in a local newspaper.
  • Stormwater Clearance Renewal Application  – must be submitted to the SWCD (with the filing fee) when the a renewal is needed.  If a project is not terminated by December 31 of the second year of the application, a local renewal is required. IDEM renews on a five year basis.
  • Notice of Termination (NOT) – is sent to the SWCD when all construction is finished, the site is stabilized, and all temporary practices have been removed. The SWCD will conduct a final site inspection and either approve or deny the Notice of Termination (NOT). If approved, the SWCD will send the NOT to IDEM. If denied, the SWCD will inform the site owner of what is needed for the NOT to be approved. The site owner is responsible for following the SWPPP and keeping the clearance renewed until the NOT is approved.


Clean Water Act:  PDF version of the Clean Water Act