Clean Water Indiana Practices Descriptions

The following are descriptions for conservation practices covered by the Clean Water Indiana Program.

Prescribed (Rotational) Grazing $20.00/acre

Plan the removal of forages through grazing based on Best Management Practices (BMPs) taking into consideration production limitations, type of forage, and management goals. Plan must be developed with the SWCD/NRCS office.

Exclusion Fencing $1.19/square foot

Restrict livestock from accessing an adjacent water body by constructing a fence. Landowner pays for alternative watering costs if applicable.

Heavy Use Area Protection $1.00/square foot

Stabilize heavy use areas (e.g. farm lanes, area around waterer or feeder, etc.) by promoting vegetative cover, re-surfacing with suitable materials, and/or installing structures.

Hay and Pasture Renovation

  • Including >25% natives: $216.25/acre
  • Cool season forage: $162.00/acre

Improve or maintain livestock health and nutrition by increasing forage supply while reducing soil erosion and improving soil and water quality.

Filter Strips $553.00/acre

Plant an area at least 20 feet wide with suitable vegetation to remove contaminants and sediments from runoff. No haying or grazing is allowed during the 5-year commitment.

Cover Crops $20.00/acre

Plant season vegetative cover to reduce fallow periods. If cover crops are hayed or grazed, this will require no-till or strip till for planting of the following cash crop. If applicable, SWCD will pay $5.00/acre for the drill rental on 3 year contracts to adopt conservation tillage to meet this requirement.