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The Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

The Elkhart County Soil & Water Conservation District has had the honor of receiving The Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence under the Land use/Conservation category for the development and continuation of their Storm Water Alliance Management Program (SWAMP). The Indiana…

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Conversations with Conservation Cat

Have you ever shoveled soil in your backyard and dug up a bunch of worms? Worms have a symbiotic relationship with soil, meaning that the soil and the worms benefit each other. Soil provides protection, habitat, and nutrients for the…

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Blogging BMPS

Welcome back to another edition of Blogging BMP’s! I wish that I could say this edition was being composed under better circumstances than last month, but unfortunately it is quite the opposite.  Covid 19 is still dominating our lives. We…

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Blogging BMPs

A monthly Blog discussing the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that must be used to aid in erosion and sediment control Welcome to the first edition of Blogging BMP’s where we discuss the various best management practices used on construction sites…

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Cover Your Future

This year at the annual cover crop meeting we will be focusing on the future and what is in store for those who work with the land. Our featured speakers will be Hans Kok, Jeffrey Dukes, and Eileen J. Kladivko….

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