Stormwater Assessment Fee

**This information was updated on 4/26/2018**

Elkhart County Stormwater Assessment Fee for non-residential parcels is calculated using the following equation:

[(Total Square Feet of Impervious Surface on Parcel) / 3600] * $15 = Stormwater Fee

*Note: 1 ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) = 3600 square feet

To appeal your Stormwater Assessment Fee for real estate within Elkhart County, City of Elkhart, City of Goshen, and Town of Bristol (Indiana), please complete and submit the following form to:

John Heiliger, MS4 Coordinator

Elkhart County Surveyor

4230 Elkhart Road

Goshen, IN 46526

Petition to Appeal Stormwater Assessment Form – 2018 Revisions