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Plant kits are sold in quantities of 50. Kits cannot be combined or broken. Click the drop down option for a list of species.

Plants are for pickup at the Elkhart County SWCD office (59358 CR7, Elkhart) September 9th-13th, 2024 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm).

Order deadline July 26th

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Rain Garden Kit

A rain garden is a shallow depression in a landscape where stormwater typically collects or drains. They are often located below a downspout or driveway. The rain garden kit comes with plants that are adapted to having “wet feet”. These plants can take on heavy stormwater in poorly draining soils and can tolerate periods of dry weather as well. This kit comes with mostly forbs (flowering plants) and a couple grasses/sedges to create a beautiful garden that attracts beneficial wildlife and helps infiltrate stormwater. Learn more


Prairie Wildflower Kit

A prairie is defined as an ecosystem consisting of a temperate climate and a composition of grasses, forbs, and shrubs (rather than trees) as the dominant vegetation. The prairie wildflower kit is designed to provide a variety of flowering species (forbs) for most soil types with full sun. This kit will add beauty to the landscape while providing habitat and food for wildlife, especially pollinators.


Prairie Grass Kit

The Prairie Grass Kit is similar to the Prairie Wildflower Kit, but it contains grasses rather than forbs. These grasses will grow at varying heights providing an aesthetically pleasing view to humans and various habitats for wildlife. Most of these grasses have deep roots that help them to survive short periods of drought. The plants will need access to full sun.


Shade Kit

The Shade Kit is a mix of sedges, grasses and forbs that are adapted to growing in shade conditions. This kit is great for an area that has tall trees or buildings and does not receive full sun. 

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Rain Garden Kit, Prairie Wildflower Kit, Prairie Grass Kit, Shade Kit