SWAMP Practice Descriptions and Cost-Share Prices

The following are descriptions for conservation practices covered by the Storm Water Alliance Management Program (SWAMP).

Blind Inlets ($59.00 per square foot)

Place underground structure in the lowest point of a farmed depression as an inlet to tile drainage. This practice acts as a filter in the place of a rise, which is a direct source of sediment and pollutants to ditches and streams. Can continue normal farming practices over the structure.

Cover Crops ($30.00 per acre)

Plant seasonal vegetative cover to reduce fallow periods. Cover crops can be hayed or grazed, and it is strongly recommended that no-till or strip-till be used for planting of the following cash crop. Maximum of 200 acres of cover crops per year.

Filter Strips ($553.00 per acre)

Plant an area at least 20 feet wide with suitable vegetation to remove contaminants and sediments from runoff that is entering a waterway or stormwater drain. Mowing and maintenance of vegetation is allowed.

Grade Stabilization Structures (price determined by project)

Construct a structure to control the grade in a natural of man-made channel to control gully erosion. Examples include rock check dams in the channel and structures at the outlet of the channel.

Grassed Waterways ($2350.00 per acre)

Establish a shaped or graded channel, with suitable vegetation to carry runoff water withough causing erosion or flooding, to direct water by using a broad and shallow cross section, to a stable outlet.

Exclusion Fencing ($1.20 per foot)

Restrict livestock from accessing an adjacent water body by constructing a fence. Landowner pays for alternative watering costs if applicable.