SWCD Available Cost-Shares

Storm Water Alliance Management Program (SWAMP)

was established to provide financial assistance to landowners in order to implement conservation practices that reduce non-point source water pollution, especially sediment erosion, into waterways in Elkhart County. SWAMP is a cost-share program assisting with up to 75% of the total cost of the project. Conservation practices implemented through the program must remain functional on the land for 5 years. This Program is funded by Elkhart County and is administered by the Elkhart County SWCD and the Elkhart County Surveyor.

Who can benefit from this program?

Any landowner in Elkhart County, especially those that own land directly next to any water conveyance (ditch, stream, river, etc.).

What conservation practices can you implement?

  • Blind Inlets
  • Cover Crops
  • Filter Strips
  • Grade Stabilization Structures
  • Grassed Waterways
  • Exclusion Fencing

The following are descriptions for conservation practices covered by the Storm Water Alliance Management Program (SWAMP).

Blind Inlets ($59.00 per square foot)

Place underground structure in the lowest point of a farmed depression as an inlet to tile drainage. This practice acts as a filter in the place of a rise, which is a direct source of sediment and pollutants to ditches and streams. Can continue normal farming practices over the structure.

Cover Crops ($30.00 per acre)

Plant seasonal vegetative cover to reduce fallow periods. Cover crops can be hayed or grazed, and it is strongly recommended that no-till or strip-till be used for planting of the following cash crop. Maximum of 200 acres of cover crops per year.

Filter Strips ($553.00 per acre)

Plant an area at least 20 feet wide with suitable vegetation to remove contaminants and sediments from runoff that is entering a waterway or stormwater drain. Mowing and maintenance of vegetation is allowed.

Grade Stabilization Structures (price determined by project)

Construct a structure to control the grade in a natural of man-made channel to control gully erosion. Examples include rock check dams in the channel and structures at the outlet of the channel.

Grassed Waterways ($2350.00 per acre)

Establish a shaped or graded channel, with suitable vegetation to carry runoff water withough causing erosion or flooding, to direct water by using a broad and shallow cross section, to a stable outlet.

Exclusion Fencing ($1.20 per foot)

Restrict livestock from accessing an adjacent water body by constructing a fence. Landowner pays for alternative watering costs if applicable.