Report A Polluter

Report A Polluter

Emergency: Call 911

For emergency spills that are large, hazardous, or may enter a waterway, contact Elkhart County Emergency Dispatch at 911.  Emergency responders will determine whether the Elkhart County Health Department and/or the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) should be contacted.


If  you see something that looks like an illicit discharge into a local stormwater conveyance (river, stream, ditch, etc.), but do not feel that this incident causes immediate danger, you may contact local government officials rather than call 911.

If you do not know what jurisdiction the site is in, contact the Soil & Water Conservation District at 574-523-2030, or email

Don’t be the Polluter!

Proper Disposal of Unwanted Medications: Don’t Flush!

Details on the proper disposal of unwanted medications and Elkhart County Drug Free Partnership are available at: