Elkhart County SWCD

  1. Water bodies in Elkhart County (lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands)
  2. Wildlife using water
  3. River cleanups
  4. Fish in Elkhart County
  5. Trash/litter in waterways or storm drains
  6. Riverwalks
  7. Trees in the city or along a water body (especially during or after rain)
  8. Naturally occurring foam in water
  9. Frogs/amphibians using water
  10. Rain Gardens & Rain Barrels
  11. Stormwater transport systems/Storm drains (even better if they are painted with storm
    drain art)
  12. Illicit discharge (automotive fluids, fertilizers, pesticides, domestic animal waste, yard
    waste, oils, paint, concrete washouts)
  1. Yard care and yard waste (leaves, grass, fertilizers etc.)
  2. Wetlands
  3. Native plants/prairies
  4. Turf lawn
  5. Grass waterways
  6. Buffer strips
  7. Exclusion fencing
  8. Green roof
  9. Vertical gardening
  10. Bioswales/retention/detention areas
  11. Two stage ditches
  12. Hoosier RiverWatch
  13. Macro invertebrates
  14. Illicit discharge
  15. Permeable Pavers/concrete
  16. Green infrastructure
  17. Water Health