The Elkhart County SWCD offers a variety of free online resources for any educator to use. Please use these resources as they best fit your education program. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at or call 574-523-2033

Lesson Plans

The Elkhart County SWCD has created a variety of natural resource lesson plans that are easily adapted into the classroom. Each of the lesson plans listed below also comes as an educational kit that Elkhart County Educators can borrow for free. Some of these lesson plans even have a video that shows you how to do it. You can find those videos on our YouTube Channel.

To borrow a kit from our collection or learn more about how to incorporate conservation into your classroom,  feel free to contact us at 574-523-2033

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The Elkhart County SWCD has a variety of educational videos available on YouTube. You can check out the channel by clicking HERE.

Want more videos? Check out our YouTube Channel!


The Elkhart County SWCD offers pre-made Conservation PowerPoints* full of background and supporting information for educators and students as well as activities or lesson plans that correlate to the topic. Please use these however they best fit your classroom and feel free to distribute!

*a pdf version of each PowerPoint is included which may download faster due to file size.


“Water Resources in Elkhart County” [PowerPoint] or [PDF]

“Stormwater 101” [PowerPoint] or [PDF]

“Reducing Stormwater with Trees & Native Plants Urban” [PowerPoint] or [PDF]

“Citizen Science With Hoosier Riverwatch” [PowerPoint] or [PDF]



“History of the Soil & Water Conservation Districts: The Dust Bowl to Today” [PowerPoint] or [PDF]


“Introduction to Soils” [PowerPoint] or [PDF]