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ABC 57 News

Earth Week: Climate change Impacts on Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife habitats around the globe are seeing big impacts stemming from climate change. Understanding how this process works can help educate on what can be done better to help mitigate some of these impacts. The link below is to the Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District’s website. Here you can find local help in maintaining, or even expanding, wildlife habitats.

John Hammersmith | Apr 20,2022

Prairie Farmer, Indiana

How farmers can advocate for keeping water clean

Tom J. Bechmanequipment injecting manure in field

MANURE APPLICATION MATTERS: Injecting manure helps conserve nutrients, and helps keep it in the field and off tires — and ultimately off the road.Decide to be proactive, not reactive on issues like water quality.

Tom J Bechman | Apr 07, 2022

Selling conservation in 21st century comes down to education

Gene Schmidt

EDUCATE! If you want to bring about real change and get more conservation on the land, no-tiller and Master Farmer Gene Schmidt believes everyone who has a stake in seeing more conservation practices needs to play an active role in educating others.Stakeholders say farmers must educate the public and fellow farmers about the value of conservation.

Tom J Bechman | Apr 06, 2022

If you irrigate, consider installing monitoring well

irrigation in cornfield

ENOUGH WATER? Irrigation wells can pump up to 1,400 gallons per minute. Is it enough to lower the aquifer? A monitoring well can help you find out. Data from monitoring wells proves critical if someone believes your irrigation is damaging their property.

Tom J Bechman | Apr 12, 2022

Conserving soil, water makes sense — and cents

FluxFactory/Getty Imagesfarmer holding handful of dirt in field

TALKING SOIL HEALTH: “If all the biology in the soil is working for you, crops will perform better and yield more. The goal is to make the soil healthy enough so the biology works better, sequestering carbon at the same time,” agronomist Betsy Bower says.Workshop participants explore reasons why it pays to conserve and improve soil and water resources.

Tom J Bechman | Apr 12, 2022

Conservation tools can help combat changes in weather

Tom J. Bechmanrain gauge

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Expect to see more rain totals like this 4.5-inch gully washer, according to ABC57 TV chief meteorologist Tom Coomes, South Bend, Ind.Capitalize on cover crops and wetlands to create a conservation economy.

Tom J Bechman | Apr 15, 2022

Hoosier Perspectives

‘Famous Indiana son’ visits Elkhart County

Tom J. BechmanJim Hess presents Max Armstrong with framed photos

COMING HOME: Indiana native Max Armstrong (left) returned to facilitate a conservation workshop in Elkhart County. Jim Hess of the Elkhart County SWCD presented him with pictures from a previous visit in 2007.Veteran ag broadcaster Max Armstrong facilitates a workshop and receives special pictures.

Apr 14, 2022

The Farmer’s Exchange

Max Armstrong Leads Panelists in Discussion of Carbon Farming

by Jerry Goshert

Speaker Tells How to Share Your Ag Story

by Jerry Goshert


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