Benton Canals

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The Benton Canal was dug circa 1840’s to provide power for one of the first sawmills in the area. By the late 1800’s, Interstate Public Service Company, later to become NIPSCO, purchased the land and in the 1920’s extended the canal by about 1 mile to build one of the first hydro-electric plants in the area. IPSC went on to build a second plant at Baintertown. These plants provided power for southeastern Elkhart County and the Syracuse area until the late 1960’s when NIPSCO ceased operations and donated the land. The canal is now part of the River Preserve of the Elkhart County Parks system. The power plant was deconstructed in the 1990’s. Today, the Benton canal area hosts a shelter, open park areas and trails throughout the River Preserve. A pathway along the canal leads to remnants of the power plant that serve as a beautiful waterfall.

What’s going on in the Benton Canals?

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