Christiana Creek

HUC: 0405000114  (what is a Hydrologic Unit Code HUC?)

Length: Over 10 miles

Christiana Creek runs over 10 miles from Christiana Lake in Michigan and meets up with the St. Joseph River just above Island Park in Elkhart. The creek runs through primarily residential spaces, but also several recreational sites throughout Elkhart including: High Dive Park, Wellfield Botanic Gardens, Willowdale Park, and the area previously belonging to Christiana Creek Country Club. Wellfield Botanic Gardens is one well source for drinking water for the City of Elkhart. Parts of Christiana Creek are annually surveyed by the City of Elkhart’s Aquatic Biology team, which tracks the health and biodiversity of the waterway. In 2022, sampling found a variety of fish species including bowfin, golden redhorse, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and rainbow darter, among others—including fish sensitive to degraded water quality or habitat. The annual Aquatic Monitoring Reports are available at under the Aquatic Biology section.

What’s going on in the Christiana Creek Watershed?

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How’s the water?

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