Miller-Stutzman Ditch

Area: 49,581 ac.

HUC: part of Yellow Creek HUC 040500011903 (what is a Hydrologic Unit Code HUC?)

The Miller-Stutzman Ditch serves as a vital component of the hydrological infrastructure in Elkhart County, Indiana, particularly in its intricate relationship with Elkhart River. Originating near the convergence of CR 15 and CR 30, this drainage ditch winds its way through the county, playing a crucial role in managing water flow and mitigating flooding risks. Historically, the Miller-Stutzman Ditch has been integral to the agricultural landscape of the region, aiding in the drainage of excess water from fields and ensuring optimal conditions for crop cultivation. Moreover, its connection to the Elkhart River underscores its significance within the broader watershed, contributing to the overall health and resilience of the local ecosystem.

What’s going on in the Elkhart River Watershed?

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