Puterbaugh Creek

HUC: 04050001150040 (what is a Hydrologic Unit Code HUC?)


Puterbaugh Creek runs from Heaton Lake and drains to the St. Joseph River east of the dam in Elkhart. It’s more than four mile length runs through primarily residential but also agricultural and industrial areas. It also runs through wetlands. It has relatively impressive species diversity for such a small stream. In 2022, 15 species were collected including largemouth bass, American brook lamprey, blackside darter, creek chub, and bluegill, among others. Several of the species found are considered sensitive or indicators of a healthy stream. Puterbaugh Creek is sampled annually by Elkhart’s Aquatic Biology program. A link to past studies can be found at www.elkhartindiana.org on the Public Works page under the Aquatic Biology section. In 2006, a Watershed Management Plan was created for the Puterbaugh Creek.

What’s going on in the Puterbaugh watershed?

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How’s the water?

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