Summarized from IDEM Stormwater Manual

Surface stabilization is an important principle of erosion and sediment control because reducing erosion at the source is more effective and efficient than trying to clean up sediment after it has eroded. Minimizing the disturbance and length of time bare soil is left at the site greatly reduces the potential for erosion and off-site sediment damage. A reduction in sediment load or erosion on a site can also reduce the frequency and expense of maintenance operations. Any erosion control or site stabilization measure requires monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the soil is adequately protected. In most cases, site stabilization will typically not require detailed designs, as in the case of the use of vegetative cover or mulch. In few instances, it may be necessary to have a sound engineering design done by a professional if more permanent site stabilization, like riprap on steep slopes, is necessary.


For more information on site stabilization practices, click below for PDF sections of the IDEM Stormwater Manual:

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