A Word From Jim

Wise words from Jim Hess, Elkhart County SWCD District Manager

Well, last month I mentioned the 2022-2023 Stormwater Calendars were coming out and guess what they are here, and we have locations listed on where you can pick them up. 

The Countywide Stormwater calendars began in 2008 and you have been requesting them ever since.  15 years of information about Elkhart County and the importance of conservation practices.  One of the neat things about our office is we can do just that.  Get the information out into the community and help educate about different resources that happen right here in our area. Many of the structures, waterways, filter strips, and practices are right here in Elkhart County or in the St. Joe River basin. As you drive down our roads, walk the sidewalks, play in the parks, and fish in our streams, you might see these important stewardship efforts.  Sometimes we are caught up in the negative and only see what is wrong, that is ok because it reminds us there is still work to be done. Just remember, conservation is never done and it needs to continue and evolve in time.  These Calendars help remind us that the practices we put in now help us and more importantly help our future generations.   

I want to thank all the partners that helped put this calendar together. It takes all of you in our Stormwater partnership to get this accomplished.  Let me tell you, you do not want me deciding the design and layout of the calendar, because I would rearrange the days of the months. I have always thought we could get by with 2 weeks in November, a week in December and just combine January and February into a couple days.  They might even have a Case tractor or a broke down Skid loader as pictures. As you can see, there is a reason I am not in charge of pictures, dates, and times. 

So pick up a calendar and enjoy looking at the different conservation practices and pictures that many local photographers took for us.  I hope you will all be reminded of how much we have to be thankful for in our community.  We can all be good stewards of this land, it is our choice.  As you move through the Stormwater Calendar day by day, think of how you can do your part in building water quality no matter where you live. 

From all of us here at the Elkhart County SWCD, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!