Goshen Millrace

HUC: 04050001210010 (what is a Hydrologic Unit Code HUC?)

Length: 2.75 miles

Cephas Hawks, Jr. of Hawks & Decamp designed and built the Goshen Millrace. It first served as a source of electric power to stimulate the growth of local industry. The main channel was completed in April 1868 by 40 men using horse-drawn slip scoops. The canal spanned 2.75 miles and cost approximately $100,000. The Millrace pathway is represented in photos as early as 1910, wide enough for truck traffic. By the 1950’s the pathway was narrowed to a single path until the City of Goshen widened it as a bike path in 1997. It now serves as a valuable recreational asset serving both citizens and visitors in the Goshen area.

What’s going on the Goshen Millrace?

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A Walk Along Historic Goshen Millrace

The man who dreamed of the millrace, designed it and built it. Since 1868 it has been a vital part of Goshen’s history…

Goshen Millrace Walking Tour

Construction of the Goshen Dam and Millrace Canal began in March of 1867 and was completed on April 18, 1868, the same day Goshen was incorporated…

Goshen Millrace Trail

The Millrace Trail meanders through wooded parkland on the west side of downtown Goshen, a walkable town itself with historical buildings and nice shops.

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