Chad will be speaking Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at Pay Dirt

Chad Montgomery
Executive Director at the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Chad Montgomery, now serving as the Executive Director at the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association (IRMCA), brings a rich background in the concrete industry, starting with a four-year stint at Ozinga Ready Mix where he honed his skills in batching and testing concrete. In his 8 years at IRMCA, Chad has been pivotal in promoting concrete use across Indiana, engaging with a diverse audience including contractors, engineers, and local officials, to discuss concrete’s various applications.
Traveling throughout the state, Chad’s role involves educating stakeholders about concrete’s versatility and addressing industry challenges such as concrete washout. His efforts are geared towards fostering collaboration with municipalities to tackle these challenges and advance sustainable construction practices.
At IRMCA, Chad is dedicated to elevating the perception of concrete as a sustainable and efficient building material. By driving education and awareness, he aims to influence the construction industry towards more environmentally friendly and innovative approaches, demonstrating his commitment to the field and his leadership in advocating for concrete’s potential.