Reggie will be speaking Thursday, March 7, 2024 at Pay Dirt Municipal Breakfast

Reggie Korthals currently is the Environmental Resource Project Manager in the Stormwater Division at Butler Fairman & Seufert, Civil Engineering in Indiana and works out of the Merrillville office. She is responsible for stormwater program development, client support and regulatory guidance.
Reggie has over 25 years of working with entities on Federal and State environmental law implementation; water quality, air quality, and land use management.
Reggie retired from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Office of Water Quality, after ten plus years as the Program Manager for Indiana’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NPDES permit program, She worked with 182 Indiana permitted communities on compliance, technical assistance, and implementation. Reggie developed the Indiana MS4 Partnership Annual Meeting that is designed to provide compliance assistance, educational information, and networking opportunities to the state permittees holders. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Partnership that has become a non-profit. 2023 marked the 16th year of this successful nationally recognized educational event.
Ms. Korthals served as Environmental Director for the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) from 1999 – 2007, managing the regional Environmental Management Policy Committee (EMPC) for the Commission.
Reggie is a nationally recognized speaker and presenter on water resource protection, regional planning, air quality protection and environmental policy and law.
Reggie is the recipient of the Indiana Quality of Life Council Award for outstanding contributions to environmental protection in Indiana and the IDEM Exceptional Service in Environmental Management for over 5 years.
She began her love of teaching as the Varsity Debate Coach and Speech Instructor at Chesterton High School. She continues that love by serving as an adjunct professor at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA).
Ms. Korthals holds a Master of Public Administration and Environmental Law & Policy from the SPEA School at Indiana University and Vermont Environmental Law College. She also has undergraduate degrees from Purdue University and Kent State University in Ohio.
She works at water skiing, actively supports the Green Beret Foundation and hates to cook.