Tom Coomes, Chief Meteorologist

Tom will be speaking on Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Since the inception of the SWAMP program in 2016, Tom has played an integral role in promoting and distributing cover crop information to farmers and his viewing audience. His efforts as a meteorologist have provided many farmers considering cover crops as a path to conservation that they may not have otherwise considered. He has done several segments featuring the Elkhart County SWCD and farmers around the community. He has played a role in the Goshen City’s Environmental Resilience program with the coverage of the flooding during 2018, in which he explained the importance of holding the water back by using cover crops. Tom has attended many of the SWCD’s workshops as a presenter, panelist, or Moderator. We could not ask for a better advocate for conservation and friend than Tom. Tom has grown up in the Michiana area all his life. Graduating from Washington High School in South Bend and then went on to Purdue University in West Lafeyette. Tom enjoys traveling, outdoors, gardening, grilling, and biking to the South Bend Farmers Market in the summer.

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