From field trips to workshops the Elkhart County SWCD has been busy educating the community the last few weeks. Look at the pictures below to see what we have been up to.

Jim Hess demonstrates to Goshen High School Engineering Students about infiltration and runoff using the infiltration cart. The students contemplated how to apply this demonstration to real life construction.

Jim Hess leads Goshen High School Engineering Students on a field trip to a construction site. They learned about the flow of water on a construction site and best management practices to help reduce reduce runoff.

Jenna Lee visits Concord East side to teach students about worms and how they are important to the soil.

Jim and Jenna led a couple workshops about Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels. There are more planned for the future in hopes that more people will implement this storm water management practice.

Jim and Jenna helped with ACCELL farm Ag Days. They taught elementary students about worms and how they are important. The picture shows two high school students teaching elementary students about cows.

With the help from several partners (Pheasants Forever, NRCS, DNR, and SWCD) the ACCELL Farm had a successful first pollinator project planting. The photo features the 3rd grade students who helped us plant.